Why is the bread in the freezer???

from Kathleen Conroy, Board member


Except for locally baked bread from the The Bread Shop and Chicken Bridge Bakery, all our bread arrives at our store frozen!

That’s right! The breads we carry are shipped out frozen to all stores (yes, all) to extend shelf life. These breads have a lot more whole grains and a lot fewer preservatives, so they can’t sit on the shelf nearly as long as a loaf of Wonder Bread.

We want you to have all the time you need to eat up that loaf of bread. So we are keeping it frozen in the store so you can enjoy it for longer at home.

Simply leave the loaf on your counter or in your refrigerator, and it will thaw out quickly and be tasty and delicious! I do store all my bread in the fridge, especially in the summer.

Have any questions? You can email me anytime at kkrconroy@gmail.com