Eat Healthier on a Budget: Shop in Bulk

A great thing about shopping in bulk is that it you can bring in your own jars, plastic containers, paper bags, or whatever you have in the house to stock up on pantry basics, health and beauty supplies, and much more. If you don’t have anything to use, that’s OK, too. We have a a selection of containers and bags made of different materials for you to choose from for little to no cost.

A frugal way to shopIMG_0722

The reason it’s called “bulk” is because that’s how we buy it. The people who make the products we buy don’t need to spend their money or time on packaging costs, so it’s much cheaper for us to buy. We pass those savings onto you, which makes shopping in bulk a really great way to save money on many everyday items.

Buy what you need

You only buy what you need and, since there’s no packaging, it’s cheaper. Shopping in bulk is the perfect marriage of saving money and reducing waste.


Here is a look at what we carry in bulk:

  • organic bread or pastry flourIMG_0721
  • a range of rice varieties
  • organic nuts: salted and unsalted, roasted and raw
  • organic dried beans
  • nutritional yeast flakes
  • wheat gluten
  • organic seeds
  • organic quinoa
  • organic oats
  • organic amaranth
  • organic couscous
  • organic dried fruits
  • Equal Exchange coffee
  • plus much moreIMG_0720


  • certified Fair Trade coffee
  • organic, certified Fair Trade teas (many varieties)

-adopted from Abundance Co-op