Packaged Groceries
We carry everything for your shopping, cooking and eating needs. On our shelves you will find ethnic and gourmet foods, ready to eat meals, baby foods and choices for different dietary lifestyles.

Chill and Frozen
In the our chill and frozen department we carry a large assortment of organic and/or local dairy products, Rbgh free dairy products, dairy alternatives including goat, soy and rice milks and yogurts, Kefirs, European butters, frozen meals, meat alternatives such as tofu and tempeh, frozen dairy and non-dairy desserts and meat products.
and gourmet foods, ready to eat meals, baby foods and choices for different dietary lifestyles.

The Co-op’s bulk department boasts over 600 items – the largest selection in the state! Our products are competitively priced and are GMO free, non-irradiated and local, organic or sustainable wherever possible.

Fairly Traded Coffee and Tea
We feature coffee is fairly traded, shade grown and organic and we have an extensive selection of Fair Trade tea. Fair Trade is buying with a social conscience. Fair Trade means community development, health, education, and environmental stewardship. By buying Fair Trade Certified items, you are ensuring the following conditions are met:

  • A Fair Price — The Fair Trade Certified label guarantees that farmers and workers received a fair price for their product.
  • Cooperative Workplaces — By joining together, worker-owned cooperatives can access credit, reduce raw material costs, and establish higher prices for their products. Profits are often reinvested in community clinics, childcare and education. Safe and healthy working conditions are maintained.
  • Environmental Sustainability — Most Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea and chocolate in the US are certified organic and shade grown. This means that the products you buy maintain biodiversity, provide shelter for migratory birds and help reduce global warming.
  • Global Reach — More than 600,000 producers (farmers, farm workers, and tea pickers) and their families in over 23 countries benefit from selling their coffee, tea and cocoa on Fair Trade Certified terms.

Household Goods
We carry items for your sustainable household including environmentally friendly household cleaners, recycled paper products including toilet paper and paper towels, plastic wrap, bulk cleaners, diapers and baby care.

Pet Products
Our pets should eat as healthfully as we do! At the Co-op we will help you give your pet’s health the attention it deserves. We carry high quality, minimal ash content with no animal by-products and even some vegetarian dog and cat foods.

Throughout the store we offer monthly and weekly sales to members and to non-members. Member Specials and New Items are marked with appropriate signs. We also feature “everyday low price” items throughout the store. Look for On Sale signs and also, check out our bi-weekly Co-op Deals flyer featuring sale prices for everyone

Special Orders

Special orders allow our member owners and other customers to purchase items that we do not carry, as well as to purchase products in large quantities (a case or more).

To place a special order, talk with a cashier and fill out the appropriate special order form: Grocery (including Bulk, Cheese, and Produce) and Wellness.

Our staff can clarify and answer any questions.

Stop by the front register or call 919-542-2643 for more information.