• 2017 Annual Report (5/22/2017)
  • MEET YOUR NOMINEES (2017)! (5/16/2017)

    We have five awesome candidates vying for two open seats on the CM Board of Directors.  Check out the candidate statements below and cast your ballot for two nominees.

    Every unique owner number is entitled to one ballot only.  Ballots are located at the front of the store.  Votes must be cast in-store; we are not accepting online ballots.

    Thank you to all of our candidates for your interest and commitment to Chatham Marketplace, and thank you, owners, for taking the time to vote.

    Candidate Statements 2017

  • Credit is due. (1/7/2017)

    We’d just like to take a moment to thank the three people most responsible for our new website and logo. Their contributions have been critical as our online existence continues to grow in importance and we endeavor to spread our name through social media (follow and share us on facebook, twitter, and instagram!) and step up our newsletter/communications game with better coupons and greater relevance (& graphics). Not getting our newsletter? Sign up here: CM Newsletter Signup

    Anyway, (more…)