Board of Directors

The Board of Directors encourages owners to attend a board meeting.  Please contact any board member, or email, in order to receive relevant meeting documents.

Board of Directors Meeting Dates 2017

December 13, 2017

November 15, 2017

October 25, 2017

September 27, 2017

August 23, 2017

July 26, 2017 (in the Pittsboro Library, Double Study Room)

June 28, 2017

May 10, 2017 (in the Chatham Mills event space)

April 26, 2017

March 22, 2017

February 22, 2017

January 25, 2017

Please contact any board member to find out the start time and location of upcoming Chatham Marketplace Board meetings.


Current Board – 2017/2018

Sarah D’Amato,
Tom Morris,
Debra Cameron,
David Misenheimer,
Bern Kosek,
Christine Maurer,
John Jennings,
Rhonda Mathis,
Craig Kolman,


Current Board Bios

David Misenheimer, Co-President

Photo_David Misenheimer_2016David Misenheimer has been volunteering his time and energy to Chatham Marketplace since before the store opened.  He served on the Board previously, from 2008-2011.  David has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from NCSU and has worked at the U.S. EPA for over 29 years.  His management, data, and financial experience should serve the Marketplace well.  A native North Carolinian, David has lived in Pittsboro for 32 years where, with his wife, Jan, they’ve raised their 3 sons.  His current passions are cycling, hiking, backpacking, and cooking.


John Jennings, Co-President

John Jennings manages a group of engineers and has a strong background in technology including construction, electrical, automation, and web technologies. He also has extensive knowledge of business and financial planning – including multi-year plans and budgeting. John has a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification which is used to develop business requirements documentation, specifications, schedules and budgets.

He currently has a small side business – Turkey Creek Gardens, LLC – where he and his wife Lisa grow 70% of their families food and sell their excess to Chatham Marketplace and restaurants around Pittsboro. Growing up, his family had a large farm in southern Ohio that he worked on and learned the value of the effort it takes to bring produce to market.


 Tom Morris, Treasurer


Tom Morris previously served on the Chatham Marketplace Board from 2006 to 2012. He continued to volunteer service on the Finance Committee after rotating off the board in 2012.  Tom has a background in Information Technology and cyber security. He has lived in the Triangle area since the late 1970’s and moved to Chatham County in the mid 1990’s. Tom returned to the Board to serve the mission of Chatham Marketplace as a vibrant element of our community.


Sarah D’Amato, Secretary

Sarah joined the Board of Directors at Chatham Marketplace because she wanted to give back to the Co-op in ways that would best utilize her skills and other strengths (other than grocery shopping and eating!)

Sarah believes that her experience in food service and food service management will bring a different perspective to the Board and will be particularly helpful in assisting the Co-op.  As a former training manager for a large restaurant franchise, she was involved in all aspects of food service, including recruitment and training of management, food preparation and service, marketing, and other business development.

Additionally, as an attorney, Sarah is familiar with the various legal aspects involved with the Co-op and its Board, including premise liability, labor and employment law, contract law, and the laws regarding the responsibilities and liabilities of a Board.

“I truly enjoy grocery shopping. Whenever I travel, I always make it a point to go to a local grocery store or market and allow myself time to browse the shelves for unique items and soak in the cultural snapshot that it provides.  I believe that looking at Chatham Marketplace through the eyes of a first-time visitor offers much insight into what our community is all about,” says Sarah.

Bern Kosek

Bern was a member of a Seattle Co-op and bought everything there from bulk cooking oil to laundry soap. He would like to see Chatham Marketplace adopt some of these package saving ideas by coaching member/customers on the advantages. Having experienced the benefits of great Co-Ops in four states, Bern knows what a vital part of the community they can be. A resource for all people to use for product, knowledge and societal connection.

Christine Maurer

Christine Maurer became an owner and regular patron of the Chatham Marketplace after moving to Pittsboro in 2010. She likes being involved in the local community in a way that fits her values and strengths. She believes our physical and mental health starts with good quality food and has found the marketplace to be essential for that in Chatham County. The focus on supporting local agriculture, products and organizations combined with attentiveness of the employees helps transform an everyday chore into a pleasant shopping experience. Christine has worked for a non-profit corporation for over 10 years and likes leveraging that experience for the Marketplace while also learning more about the business model for a cooperative and owner-based business.

Rhonda Mathis

Rhonda Mathis grew up in Sanford but has been in Pittsboro for several years. Prior to moving here when shewould visit, she would often go to Chatham Marketplace and feel jealous that she didn’t have this great co-op market near her. Rhonda joined the Board not just because she loves the Marketplace, but also because she cares deeply about supporting and growing the local economy and also about local agriculture and food. The Marketplace is such an important part of bringing safe, healthy food to this community. Another bonus is that the Marketplace supports local growers and makers by selling their products alongside other trusted providers.

Rhonda brings to the Board her experience with Community Development that she gained from serving on a Community Organization in Charlotte. She served for 5 years in the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and President. She worked in a fragile/transitional neighborhood, applying for local and national grants and bringing improvement projects and community building events to the neighborhood. Additionally she has experience with financial planning through her job as a Commercial Project Manager.

Craig Kolman

Policy Governance

The Chatham Marketplace Board of Directors uses a framework called Policy Governance to define the role and function of the Board and the General Manager. Policy Governance allows the Board to maintain complete accountability for the Co-op, but, insures that management decisions are left in the hands of the General Manager.

The principles at the core of the Policy Governance system are:

  • Governance is a function of ownership, not management;
  • Boards are the highest authority under owners;
  • Boards operate by consensus and speak with one voice;
  • Boards are accountable to owners for everything within the organization;
  • Boards need to empower those to whom they delegate authority while remaining fully accountable for the use of that authority.

Under the Policy Governance framework, the Board has defined Ends Statements, policies outlining our Governance Process, policies outlining the General Manager’s role, and policies defining the relationship between the Board and the General Manager. All owners are encouraged to read and understand our Ends and Policies

Board documents and materials

Articles of Incorporation

Executive Limitations Policies

Board GM Relationship and 4-Governance policies

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