Blog Introduction

Welcome to Chatham Marketplace’s new blog; just a tiny part of our new website, which also features our new logo! We’ve experienced a lot of changes this past year: New management, new staff, new deli menu and coffee bar branding, new dairy coolers, new hot & cold bars, new product & category resets, new president, new espresso machine, and much, much more. That’s a lot!These changes don’t always come easy to us; they can be costly and inconvenient at times, but the challenges they’ve presented have ultimately led us to great rewards and even greater optimism. Pittsboro is growing, and we are making every effort to grow along with her. It’s not easy! We thank you so much for your support and many kindnesses, for overlooking some of our flaws and for not overlooking some of them too, and we hope that you’re noticing positive changes here and there. And by the way, we’re all overworked!!

I don’t know how much use this blog will really see. If we have the time, maybe we’ll let you know about new products, new ideas, and assorted random things that are tending to excite us at the moment. It will be pretty informal and, almost certainly, wildly inconsistent. Most of you will never read this or even know this blog exists. Expectations raised! If you’re interested, let us know, leave a comment. If you’re not, let us know, leave a comment. Happy new year, everyone!

craig kolman
purchasing manager