Board of Directors

The Board of Directors encourages owners to attend a board meeting. Contact can be made with either of the co-chairs (Kathy Mohr or Kathleen Conroy in order to receive relevant meeting documents. The BOD meets monthly on the fourth Monday or Tuesday 5:30 PM at Starrlight Meadery.

Board of Directors Monthly Meeting Dates 2015

All Meetings take place at 5:30 in Starrlight Meadery.


Current Board – May 2014

Kathy Mohr
Kathleen Conroy
Sarah D’Amato
Jamie Saunders
Katie Niver
David Simmons

Chatham Marketplace Board of Directors, 2014

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Kathy Mohr, co-President

Kathy MohrKathy became a member of the board in 2008. She moved to NC in 1967 from western Pennsylvania and acquired land in Chatham County. She is an avid organic gardener and has enjoyed traveling to China and observing intensive gardening and agriculture in that country. Kathy retired from UNC-CH after along career in scientific research. She grew up on a farm and has an appreciation for supporting local agriculture and the availability of locally produced food. Support of the local economy through Chatham Marketplace is an important commitment to her.

Kathleen Conroy, co-President

Kathleen-bio-picKathleen Conroy previously served on the Chatham Marketplace Board from 2004 to 2010. She grew up in Tarboro, NC and graduated cum laude from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. After a few years in New York City, she moved to Chatham County with her husband in 1996. She has a background in sales, marketing and product management. Kathleen lives on a small farm south of Siler City with her husband and two children. They raise vegetables, fruits, goats, bees and chickens. They have recently begun expanding their operation to include cattle for grass-fed beef. Kathleen has returned to the Board because of the mission of Chatham Marketplace and believes this co-op can thrive in our community

Sarah D’Amato, Secretary


Sarah wanted to run for a Board of Directors position at Chatham Marketplace because she wanted to give back to the Co-op in ways that would best utilize her skills and other strengths (other than grocery shopping and eating!)

Sarah believes that her experience in food service and food service management will bring a different perspective to the Board and will be particularly helpful in assisting the Co-op.  As a former training manager for a large restaurant franchise, she was involved in all aspects of food service, including recruitment and training of management, food preparation and service, marketing, and other business development.

Additionally, as an attorney, Sarah is familiar with the various legal aspects involved with the Co-op and its Board, including premise liability, labor and employment law, contract law, and the laws regarding the responsibilities and liabilities of a Board.

“I truly enjoy grocery shopping. Whenever I travel, I always make it a point to go to a local grocery store or market and allow myself time to browse the shelves for unique items and soak in the cultural snapshot that it provides.  I believe that looking at Chatham Marketplace through the eyes of a first-time visitor offers much insight into what our community is all about,” says Sarah.

Katie Niver

SKatie Niver became involved with the co-op when she started working in the coffee bar while she was in college; spending afternoons cooking and serving community meals with Food Not Bombs after class, she felt inspired to find more meaningful work than just another restaurant job. After several years of working in deli and kitchen, she continued to develop her passion for cooking delicious, healthy food and community outreach.

When she left the Chatham Marketplace to pursue her passion of horticulture full time; she knew that she still wanted to continue to be involved in the co-op. Now Katie hopes to spread the cooperative values, reach out to connect with owners, and enjoy the fun atmosphere and staff she has grown so fond of over the past few years.

David Simmonssimmons

I joined the Co-op Board in late 2013. It has been the most rewarding board experience I have ever encountered. I am grateful for all the work the previous board members have put in for Chatham Marketplace. My appreciation of the Marketplace has grown exponentially, with all the education one gets, the understanding of the grocery business and especially the co-op grocery business model. I look forward to the future of the Marketplace and its importance in our community.”

Jamie Saunders



Jamie Saunders moved to Chatham Co. in 2007 and lives near Bynum. After 40 years of working as an artist, designer, craftsman and scientific illustrator, she followed a life-long interest and attended the Natural Chef Program at the Central Carolina Community College. Currently she is a local cook, with a focus on preparing quality food in the community, and is an advocate for local food and local farms.

Policy Governance

The Chatham Marketplace Board of Directors uses a framework called Policy Governance to define the role and function of the Board and the General Manager. Policy Governance allows the Board to maintain complete accountability for the Co-op, but, insures that management decisions are left in the hands of the General Manager.

The principles at the core of the Policy Governance system are:

  • Governance is a function of ownership, not management;
  • Boards are the highest authority under owners;
  • Boards operate by consensus and speak with one voice;
  • Boards are accountable to owners for everything within the organization;
  • Boards need to empower those to whom they delegate authority while remaining fully accountable for the use of that authority.

Under the Policy Governance framework, the Board has defined Ends Statements, policies outlining our Governance Process, policies outlining the General Manager’s role, and policies defining the relationship between the Board and the General Manager. All owners are encouraged to read and understand our Ends and Policies

Board documents and materials

Articles of Incorporation

Executive Limitations Policies

Board GM Relationship and 4-Governance policies

Minutes from previous meetings

Feb. 11, 2015

January 28, 2015 

October 22, 2014

September 2, 2014

August 26, 2014

July 28, 2014

June 25, 2014

May 27, 2014

April 29, 2014

April 1, 2014

February 4, 2014

December 2, 2013

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