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We’re looking for some talented folks to fill roles opening in our kitchen and on the floor. We currently have the following positions available:

Line Cook (Full Time)
Baker (Full Time)

Evening Cashier (Full/Keyholder)

Evening Cashier (part time)

Marketplace Board Elections

Greetings to our loyal owners!

The Chatham Marketplace Board of Directors is recruiting candidates for our Board election in May. Details will be available in the store. You may also contact any Board member with questions.

We really need some of our loyal owners to step up and serve on the Board. We have a great General Manager (GM) and a dedicated and hard working staff. Our Co-op is growing and improving.  The next few years will be an exciting and challenging time to serve on the Board as our local area grows and changes.

The Board plays an important role in the continued success of Chatham Marketplace (CM). We represent all 1860 active owners as we develop the vision for the Co-op’s future and assure its long-term viability. We do not exercise direct control of daily operations; that is the responsibility of the GM. The Board operates under a system called “Policy Governance.” The Board creates policies that require our GM to avoid specific situations and results that would be detrimental to the Co-op. As long as the GM is compliant with these restrictions, he has the freedom to use his skills, knowledge and creativity to attain operational success. The GM reports to the Board on policies and his actions on a monthly basis.

CM has fostered a sense of community in our area. Help to continue and increase this END by becoming a member of your Board or volunteering for a committee. An owner may attend a Board meeting at any time. Contact any Board member for meeting details. Generally, meeting time is 4th. Wednesday of every month at 5:30 PM at Starrlight Mead.

We have a loyal, supportive ownership and you can help develop future visions for CM by working with the GM and owners as a Board member.

The Board wants CM to continue to fulfill our ENDS by supplying healthy, quality food, being a community hub and supporting the local economy. We are unique in having these goals and we need to emphasize them in the future even as competition increases. You can help the Co-op continue to achieve these ENDS by considering a term on the Board.

Details about Board policies, meetings, and information on candidate filing will be available in the store.  Look for a table in the store and check our (CM) website. Information can also be sent to you online by emailing  Jamie Saunders (

Thank you for your interest!

Chatham Marketplace Board of Directors

Kathleen Conroy

David Simmons

Jamie Saunders

Katie Niver

Kathy Mohr

Sarah Carr



Chicken Bridge Bakery @Chatham Marketplace

2015-02-04 19.36.47Chicken Bridge Bakery is a small, family run, home bakery based in north Chatham County.  They started about seven years ago baking first for a handful of CSB (Community Supported Bread) customers and then for our customers at the weekly Carrboro and Durham Farmers’ Markets, and now Chatham Marketplace.

They bake their breads in a wood fired oven. Bread baked this way tends to be fairly dark, with a thick crust and a moist crumb.  Because the hearth is so hot the breads usually form a quick crust, trapping much of the moisture in the crumb that results in a bread that can keep for a few days without the addition of preservatives.
Right now we are offering the following varieties, while supplies last.
  • Farmhouse Sourdough: This is their take on classic, old world bread.  Made with 100% NC grown and milled organic flour and naturally leavened it is one of our simplest and most satisfying loaves.  Organic wheat flour, water, leaven (natural yeast culture) and sea salt.
  • Multigrain Sourdough: This is a hearty, naturally leavened loaf made with 100% NC grown and milled organic flour and full of 7 organic grains.  Organic wheat flour, water, organic wheat berries, organic rye chops, organic flax seeds, organic millet, organic corn grits, organic oats, organic spelt, honey, leaven (natural yeast culture) and sea salt.
  • Brewer’s Bread: This is a whole wheat loaf made with 100% NC grown and milled organic flour with a dark malty flavor that comes from using oatmeal porter and the spent barley grains from Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro.  Organic wheat flour, water, oatmeal porter, malted barley, local honey, leaven (natural yeast culture), yeast, sea salt.
  • Sprouted Wheat Multigrain: The highlight of this bread is it’s sprouted wheat flour that is crafted and milled by Lindley Mills in Graham, NC.  Sprouting the wheat grains before they are milled unlocks naturally occurring nutrients that go undigested when we eat unsprouted grains.  It also makes for an aromatic and moist crumb with good keeping qualities.  Organic sprouted wheat flour, wheat flour, organic wheat berries, organic rye chops, organic flax seeds, organic millet, organic corn grits, organic oats, organic spelt, honey, yeast, sea salt.



How to Keep Your Bread2015-01-23 17.18.38
–Generally speaking, bread without preservatives, like Chicken Bridge’s, will mold faster if kept in the refrigerator.
–During the colder, drier months we recommend keeping your bread in a paper bag placed inside of a plastic bag.  This should keep the bread moist and sliceable.
–In the warmer, more humid months simply keeping the bread in a paper bag or bread box should be enough.  The humidity however does ruin a crispy crust.  To bring the crust back to life you can heat the loaf up for a few minutes in the oven.
–Finally, there’s nothing wrong with freezing fresh bread to maintain it’s quality.  Freezing old bread will certainly result in a dry, tasteless loaf.  However, if the bread is wrapped in two plastic bags and frozen fresh it can keep its quality for months.

Freshly Cut Items & Sales

Our Grab & Go is kicking into high gear this week with TWO new items included in this Freshly Cut sales.  We also have in store sales on Red Stripe 12 packs, New York Sharp Cheddar, and the Colombia Merlot.


2-18-3-3 LONG (1)beer-wine-chz


staffpicksThis Saturday the 14th we’re giving you 10% off purchases around the store!

If you need help filling your basket, look around the market for our hand picked items, or follow us on Instagram @chatham_marketplace!

**sale excludes beer, wine, Honolulu Fish Company products & sushi**

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